What is a Social Media Analysis?

Everyone is using social media these days, and it can often be difficult to get your share of voice heard above everyone else.

If you’re looking find out what you are doing right and wrong with your social media profiles, or even if you’re simply looking to increase your following, then a social media analysis would be the place to start.

Social Media

social mediaSocial media should be exactly that, social. It’s not enough to just post your own messages and not interact with other people or to respond to your messages / mentions / notifications etc.

After taking a look at your social media profiles, I’ll create a social media strategy that you can use to grow your following, increase your engagement or however else you would like to improve.


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This analysis can take part as part of a marketing campaign, or can be completely separate. It’s up to you how you use the strategy I design, or I can help you to implement it.