Sabbatical Year – SY2

Sabbatical Year, the Atlanta-based piano-rock band, have just released their second album SY2. The album adds luscious layers of captivating and heartfelt rock while showcasing the band’s songwriting and soundscape at new heights.

With a soulful and sweet sound harkening back to Elton John and Billy Joel and reminiscent of modern piano-rock master Ben Folds and Coldplay, Sabbatical Year puts it’s piano proudly at the fore.

On SY2, that sound is sonically enriched by the addition of guitars, pedals, brass and intriguing percussive elements that bring the musical narrative to a truly heightened level.

SY2’s two singles epitomise the band at it’s finest. Mulberry Grove is a roller coaster or funky keys, soulful vocals and a driving rhythm section that kicks off the journey. Lookout Mountain is a soaring ballad that sways in a dance of piano and a lockstep rhythm section until it is driven home with yearning vocals and guitar riffs. Along with tunes such as the updated Motown sound on Drakeside, as well as sombre-come-searing piano/acoustic revelation Something To Fall Asleep To, and what you have is one true experience of al album.



Music Video – Mulberry Grove 

Music Video – Lookout Mountain


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