Rude Angel – Ploughed Heart

This is an unusual album.

On the surface it is a refreshing mixture of original songs, a beautiful cover, sensitive production, poignant lyrics and a certain vocal fragility.

More deeply, this is the mother’s loss of her child. Unthinkable grief that has been made musically and lyrically beautiful. And then the mother dies too, at the completion of 4 years writing and recording.

This album is not for the faint-hearted. Or perhaps it is for the faint-hearted. And for the broken-hearted, and the scared or devastated, and for all of us who’ve loved and lost and wept and laughed.

Ploughed Heart both saddens and uplifts – earth movingly so, but also foot-tappingly so.

Rude Angel Ploughed Heart

The twelve songs are a raw and and inspiring response to loss, underpinned by the joys of love and life. Compounded shudderingly by the tragic loss of Ella Ashberry in 2009 to bone cancer, which was heartbreakingly followed by the suicide of the lead singer/lyricist/mother, Liane Ashberry in April 2015.

Listen to this album and feel it. Hear the lyrics. Feel the pain and the joy, the rhythm, the hope and the love; the rich advocacy of life and its value despite sickening waste – and be uplifted.

Liane Ashberry (vocals/trombone) Shaz Collier (vocals/saxophone), and Alan Chapman (guitars) are Rude Angel.

Unsurprisingly, the album is dedicated to Liane and her daughter Ella. Proceeds in part will go to Liane’s charities.

The album will be released on 9th October 2015 and is available now to pre-order.



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