Paper Tigers – Head Over Heels

Project Outline: Though Horus Music I was asked to promote the debut album by Paper Tigers during a 4-week promotional effort.

Date: February 2016 – March 2016.

Work completed: The band knew which territories they wanted to focus on (GAS territories) and so I kept that in mind at all times during the campaign and only contacted the relevant media outlets and publications that served this area or had a significant fanbase / readership in the area.

About the band

Paper Tigers have a clear mission: ‘to give old school rock music the renaissance many of us have been waiting for.’

Their story began in the parental home of the siblings, Linus and Andreas Valdemar. The influence of their father, a successful regional folk singer, meant that the sound of the sixties irrevocably settled in their souls; explained further in this vlog.

With Linus on guitar and vocals and Andreas on bass, they left their parent’s shed behind and stepped into the rehearsal room when they met keyboardist Sebastian Martin and drummer Niklas Løvén.

From their very first jamming session as a band, it became clear that their sound has harmonic and spellbinding qualities, and the quartet have been moving forwards ever since.

paper tigers head over heels

Thanks to the driving sound, simple melodies and brisk live performances, the band were awarded “Best Rock Band” at the Danish Underground Music Awards in 2011. The following year they released their first EP “If We May?”, which received excellent reviews across the country. Tours round Denmark got longer and longer, the number of fans grew enormously and their songs made it to airplay on radio stations – it was only a matter of time when their success would cross the borders.

In May 2015, Paper Tigers appeared on the international scene and performed their enthusiastically received concert at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn and Berlin’s “Comet-Club“. They also started to be sought-after and booked by festivals.

Their debut album “Head over Heels” will be released on 4th March 2016 and was produced by Danish guitar legend Soren Andersen, who gave a characteristic and energetic sound to all eleven songs on the album. The title track radiates with a vital maturity that leaves you wanting more.

Music Video


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