Ooberfuse – One Reality

For their new single One Reality, Ooberfuse have joined forces with typhoon survivors living on the shoreline where the deadliest ever typhoon struck land; venturing between Tacloban, Philippines and London, United Kingdom.

Although many from the frontline fishing village that were fortunate enough to survive the natural disaster in 2013 have fled in search of safer dwellings, others have defiantly remained behind.

ooberfuse one reality

Cherrie says: “In Tacloban town, we were told that 2 of the ships brought in-land by the unprecedented storm surge were still intact. Out of curiosity we drove in search of the beached ships that have come to symbolise the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. We were surprised to find that although many died in the typhoon or had fled, there was still a small community living a traditional life style on the shoreline. When we asked if they would like to take part in our music video, they jumped at the prospect.“

Hal adds: “Nothing could distract from the overwhelming warmth and joy in the children and adults who crowded to be part of the shoot. Some fishermen took us out in their narrow bamboo fishing boat to film their makeshift houses from the sea. The only reason his house survived was because a huge Japanese freight-liner, now 100-yards from his front door, broke the full force of the wave.“


One Reality

Music Video


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