Ooberfuse – In Three Days

Ooberfuse, whose London base is a stone’s throw from the Royal Artillery barracks in Woolwich, scene of the attack on Drummer Lee Rigby, release a 3-track EP in solidarity with those suffering as a result of the threatened violence and perpetrated barbarism of Middle Eastern Extremists.

We Are One expresses humanitarian solidarity with those living their lives in fear. It is an anthem of hope inspired by the dream of global peace. The video is set against a backdrop of the vanishing antiquities of Iraq.

Still Love My Enemies is a defiant refusal to open up to the dark feelings unleashed each time news breaks of the latest act of medieval barbarism committed by lawless extremists, like the beheadings of 21 Coptic Egyptians.

We Believe effects a spiritual healing recalling the noblest values and highest aspirations of humanity. It is the pursuit of these that offers hope for a future purged of violence and barbaric brutality.


In Three Days

Music Video


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