Ooberfuse – Fall

On 9th November, to mark the centenary of the start of WW1, London band Ooberfuse, along with Help For Heroes and Strictly Come Dancing’s Chelsee Healey, release a moving musical tribute to fallen war heroes.

Fall, inspired by the selfless sacrifice of millions of soldiers around the world, explores the emotional impact of the horror of war not just on front line soldiers but also on those left behind on the domestic front.

Cherrie Anderson, front woman of the band, explains: “We were honoured to work with Chelsea Healey in the song’s video. She movingly portrays the wife of a soldier who has to cope with the emotional trauma of saying farewell to her hero, uncertain whether she will ever see him again. In ‘Fall’ we chose to explore the emotional impact of war on everyone that it effects. Help For Heroes does incredible work helping servicemen and women and their loved ones fight against the long-lasting physical and emotional impacts of war. A hundred years on from the start of WW1, we hope our song provides an alternative soundtrack to the centenary celebrations.”

ooberfuse fall

Bryn Parry, CEO and Co-Founder of Help For Heroes, says: “Help For Heroes is all about ‘doing your bit’ for our wounded. The money raised by ‘Fall’ will be used to provide practical and direct support for those who have become wounded, injured or sick in service. The war in Afghanistan may be nearly over but for many members of the Armed Forces and their families, the battles are just beginning and we won’t let them battle alone. This year’s anniversary events for WW1 and D-Day remind us how important this is and the shared respect between the veterans of all generations. On behalf of everyone who will benefit from you support, thank you.“

Hal St John from the band adds: “By remembering them, we dignify the sufferings and death of the soldiers who fell in battle 100 years ago, defending the freedoms we now take for granted. We owe it to those who went before us not to let go of hope for the future. We must not, through our forgetfulness, rob their sacrifice of it’s enduring value. ‘Fall’ resurrects the dangerous memory of those who have fallen in battle, encouraging us to resist the triumphalism of the victorious.“


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