Ooberfuse – Different Drum

Ooberfuse are an electronica band from Woolwich, London – Hal and Cherrie, joined with producer Kinky Roland. Steered by the marvellous, ousted out from the common haunts of man, Ooberfuse navigate secure paths over the wildest oceans and unvisited regions of the human soul.

Enwrapped in mists of the orient, a passion erupts from noble and almost forgotten sources. It elevates from all littleness of feeling subdued and tranquillising the superficiality of modern life.

Their music explores unknown powers unfolding to the world the deepest mysteries. Despair, after a lethal injection of sober-fusiasm, gives way to a lost naiveté that cannot conform to acknowledged systems. Their songs are audio footprints left behind by people impelled towards invisible things.

Different Drum rises up from the abyss of human suffering, celebrating the difference from oppressive norms that govern and restrict the flow of unbounded life. ‘Different Drum’ is more than a song that sings, it is a defiant cry in the face of violent assaults aimed at those who would dare to break the mould…who dare to be different.

Deep within the human heart, far beyond the cyphers that straight-jacket life, making it respectable and acceptable, the heart beat of ‘Different Drum’ pounds out an intoxicating rhythm. Those who allow it to set the rhythm of their daily lives are empowered to challenge and contest those who read difference as a provocation and licence to scorn, reject and abuse.

Released by Peak Flow Records on 28th July, “Different Drum” is a defiant cry for those who dare to break the mould and for listeners who dare to be different. 


Different Drum

Different Drum – Favela Fever (Samba edit)

Music Video



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