Mike Powell – It Happened To Me

Project Outline: Though Horus Music I was asked to promote Mike Powell’s album It Happened to Me during a 4-week promotional effort. 

Date: October 2016.

Work completedMike was releasing his new album in conjunction with his book I Saw Him Standing There. Both releasing document his experiences and sightings with John Lennon. 


Imagine if John Lennon was still alive.

What music would he be creating? Would he still be creating his art and sharing it with the world?

Tragically, at the age of 40, Lennon’s life was cruelly snatched away from him and his music and creativity was taken with him. Or did it?

Imagine if, even from beyond the grave, Lennon was able to transmit his thoughts and music through someone else. Sounds too ridiculous to contemplate, right? Maybe not.

Meet Mike Powell, an ordinary man from Liverpool with no previous musical talent, who has now experienced over 30 sightings of Lennon since 1992. The first sighting resulted in the first song Mike ever wrote and he now has a catalogue of over 350 songs.

Through these uncanny encounters and coincidences Mike is guided by Lennon as they recount memories and tackle new journeys together, after which something unimaginable happens and as Powell puts it, Lennon’s musical and artistic creativity is “physically transferred” to him.

Over the last 20+ years, Powell has been on a fascinating journey through the music industry which includes: recording in Abbey Road Studios with prolific music producer Gordon Lorenz (is credited in the Guinness Book of World Records for producing the most amount of albums in the world); previously managed by Ronan O’ Rhailly (founder of Radio Caroline) and long time friend of John Lennon; offered a deal by Uri Geller; and interest from the head of a major record label.

Mike Powell’s story is available to read in full in his book ‘I Saw Him Standing There’ in AmazonWaterstones and many more.

The songs are also ready to be heard for the first time in the first of 3 upcoming albums.

‘It Happened To Me’ features 12 tracks and is set for release on 21st October 2016 through all download and streaming platforms, and is available for pre-order now on iTunesGoogle Play, and 7 Digital.


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