Elyse G Rogers – The Love Energy

The Love Energy contains nine tracks, which combine healing frequencies with Elyse’s beautiful vocal timbre and uplifting positive lyrics to create music that reaches deep into the listener’s heart.

In 2012, Elyse G. Rogers travelled to Nepal, where she stayed with a local family in the Kathmandu Valley. It was here that she rediscovered her voice and in January 2013, after a 16‐year break, Elyse stepped back into the studio to record her first solo album, ‘The Love Energy’. The album consists of nine songs with very positive lyrics. Each song has been carefully tuned to centre on each of the nine principal ancient Solfeggio healing tones. The healing frequency runs subliminally right through each song, creating an overall balance and euphoric state for the listener.

Elyse summaries by saying: “I just remembered who I was, and why I was here. I remembered my mission, my purpose. This is how I found my self‐belief to pursue my music career. It was there all along, underneath, waiting for me. I just needed to believe in me again.”

The album is Elyse’s first solo production. She had previous success in the mid 1990’s as the lead vocalist with German dance gand ‘MAXX’, achieving a number 1 in the European charts and further top 20 hits with later tracks in the UK. Their most successful song was ‘Get Away’, which Elyse sang live on Top Of The Pops three times.

Elyse says; “I used to write lyrics about ‘lost love’, ‘looking for love’ etc… I would write about how I was waiting for someone to come and rescue me, but nowadays I am at the other end of this spectrum and I write about ‘self love’, love energy’, ‘gratitude’ and more, positive uplifting messages.”

Elyse G. Rogers The Love Energy


Tracks on the album are recorded using the ancient music scale the Solfeggio Tones, which Gregorian Monks believed had healing effects on the body. Elyse’s ‘The Love Energy (Part 1)’ for example is in 528hz which is known for it’s ability to increase life energy, clarity of mind and activation of creativity, whilst track 6, ‘Most Importantly’ is in 639hz which links to the heart chakra and balances relationships with partners, family, friends, colleagues, people and animals.

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