Custom Music Tools – Website creation

Project Outline: After listening to the feedback from clients at Horus Music, the company realised the need to provide another service that would better suit their needs.

Date: October 2015 – March 2016.

Work completed: Horus Music were in the process of creating an entirely new Client Zone for clients, and decided it would be best to create a new service.

Custom Music Tools (CMT) is a website whose basic idea has been 10 years in the making. It would be an invite-only distribution and label services website with the unique ability for clients to be able to manage the accounts of multiple artists that are signed to their label. Custom Music Tools also offered added functionalities within the Client Zone, including preferential royalty rates, marketing, chart registration, mastering, and many more.

My team and I were able to design and create the original CMT website in accordance with company needs, while keeping the design and overall branding consistent with Horus Music. It was important that clients didn’t feel like they were being presented with something new. Horus Music is a trusted name, and by keeping the 2 closely aligned clients were able to easily make the transition.

The Result

As of March 2016, the Client Zone itself is still under development but Custom Music Tools is live and providing an entirely new service to clients.

This website was later combined within Horus Music Global.

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