During my final year of studies at the University of Huddersfield, I created a 5-minute audio video piece in 5.1 surround sound.

After conducting initial research into filming and production techniques, I decided creating a video at a speed of 25 frames per second would be the most appropriate format.

I started my project without a clear idea of the video or a script. I’d heard about composing ‘from moment to moment’ and decided I would like to try this. I began by filming footage that I can across while walking around my local area and in Manchester City Centre.

I was then inspired by my initial footage to create a video based on ‘horror’ images that flicker on screen as if trying to tune them out – this would be accentuated by the music. This would be in the form of a narrative in which the camera acts as the main character or a neutral viewpoint.

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I chose this as the name because it resonated with me and I felt it represented many of the images I used. I accentuated this by coupling the title with the rolling smoke that can be seen at the start and end of the film.

Caliginous is an adjective that means dark, dim or misty, which is in line with my original idea. I chose to use the Latin origins of the word because I decided it added another layer of mystery.

The following video is a version that I was forced to mix down into stereo in order for it to be uploaded to YouTube. The use of 5.1 sound in the original version enabled me to bring more attention to the ‘horror’ images and to produce a more intriguing video which immersed the viewer in the action.

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