Barrie Webb – Website and Online PR

Project Outline: Through Horus Music, I was asked to run a promotional campaign for trombonist Barrie Webb’s latest album Requiem…ad Vitam Aeternam but we quickly discovered that he didn’t have a website or social media profiles and so it was decided that we could create one for him.

Date: February 2015 – March 2016.

Work completed: Barrie decided that he didn’t want a personalised domain name and would prefer to stick with a WordPress domain. The name “barriewebbtrombone” although he wasn’t sure that he wanted his name associated with the website.

From there I began to plan the look of the website and began to add his basic content to the website. I then continued to moderate and update the content on the website as required during the campaign, before assigning everything back over to Barrie at the end.

Barrie didn’t want photos of himself on the website as he can be quite shy and preferred to allow his music to speak for itself. He continued to choose photos of him performing that were blurred or out of focus. It took some time for me to explain the importance to have high quality photos on a website, especially during a promotional campaign.

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A leading figure in the development of new trombone repertoire, Barrie Webb’s performances include venues such as Suntory Hall in Tokyo, Seoul National Theatre, Carnegie Hall (Weill Auditorium), New York, Barbican Centre and Royal Albert Hall in London, La Scala (Piccolo Teatro), Milan, Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest. His performances have been broadcast by the BBC, Radio France, RAI in Italy, RRTV in Romania, ABC in Australia, NHK in Japan, Voice of Music in Israel, and Korean National Television.

With the The Japan Project (1999-2002), he began an ongoing series of focused performance and recording projects, including the CD ’Hoy!’, the outcome of one of many collaborations with the Melbourne Composers’ League; and new works from Masan, South Korea on the CD ’The Happoman (Masan Bay) Project’. He enjoys parallel activity as a conductor, working with professional orchestras and contemporary ensembles and with young musicians.

Barrie Webb

Requiem…ad Vitam Aeternam

Composed by Cain Katsumi Yokoyama in response to the tragic events of 2011, when North-East Japan was struck by powerful earthquakes and tsunamis, which also caused a severe accident at the Kukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant. Yokoyama composed the music especially for Barrie Webb after he was touched by the huge loss of life that occurred on this day as well as by the tragic loss of his partner during the accident.

Released 11th March 2016, the 5th anniversary of the tsunami, and was premiered in Tokyo by a live orchestral performance.