Apryll Aileen – Savannah Soul

Project Outline: Though Horus Music I was asked to promote Apryll Aileen’s album Savannah Soul during a 6-week radio and marketing promotional effort. 

Date: October 2016 – November 2016.

Work completedOne of my colleagues and I would be working together to help promote April’s album through digital radio and digital marketing efforts. This also included planning an effective release strategy and for all of us to effectively work and communicate with each other throughout. The process also involved Apryll removing her album from sale though another distributor and re-releasing it through Horus Music with additional content available.

Apryll would also be releasing a new music video each week during the first few weeks of the campaign.


After a showcase in Cannes at Midem and an American tour, soulful Canadian singer/songwriter Apryll Aileen releases her debut album with a UK exclusive: her own rendition of Joni Mitchell’s song ‘River’ just in time for Christmas.

Aileen’s first single ‘Hey Sugar’ was written for one of her best friends after watching her struggle through a toxic relationship.

“The song is meant to inspire & empower people – especially women”, Aileen states. “However, I think everyone can think of a time when they have felt used and disrespected. If you’ve ever felt that way, this song is for you.”

The album, ‘Savannah Soul’ was inspired by a trip to Savannah, Georgia, where Toronto based Producer, Kenny Munshaw (Justin Bieber, The Tenors, Miss America 2012), spends some of his time. Munshaw and Aileen were introduced shortly after Apryll wrote the soundtrack song for ‘Butterflies’ – a film by Emmy Award Winning Writer & Director, Cayman Grant.

The album was recorded and produced between Munshaw’s studio in Toronto, Ontario & Dollhouse Studios in Savannah, Georgia and features the engineering expertise of Peter Mavrogeorgis (The National, Philip Glass, Childish Gambino) and the mastering skills of New York based Scott Hull of Masterdisk (Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Jay-Z, etc.).

The debut album from Apryll Aileen, recorded in Savannah, Georgia, allowed her to nurture her femininity and grace, while allowing her the chance to commit paper ideas to analog tape. A Deluxe version of Savannah Soul features ‘River’ as a bonus track, fans can also receive an ‘instant gratification’ of ‘Hey Sugar’ when pre-ordering the album on iTunes.

‘Savannah Soul’ Deluxe Edition is available here: smarturl.it/dmeyh3

Aileen’s first single ‘Hey Sugar’ was added to radio rotation in Canada & led to her deciding to tour the UK.

The ‘Savannah Soul – UK Exclusive’ album, will be released on 25th November 2016, with Horus Music.

Music Videos

Hey Sugar

Forever Young

Little By Little


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